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Each year, JCCC welcomes hundreds of international students to its campus. The arrival of these young men and women provides a unique opportunity for people in our community to connect with a student from another part of the world through the JCCC homestay program. By opening their home and their heart to an international student, hosts gain a true appreciation of how people live and view the world. This intercultural learning is invaluable and can rarely be achieved without traveling and living abroad. Sharing a household with an international student also allows hosts to see their own culture through someone else’s eyes.

The text below provides a brief summary of the Homestay program.

Homestay Hosts-Many kinds of families and individuals participate in Homestay. These include two-parent households with young children or teenagers, single-parent families, as well as couples or singles and those who do not have children or have grown children.

What Hosts provide-The host provides room and board for the student, including a private furnished room. In return, the student pays the host an established monthly fee to cover expenses. The goal of hosting is to include the student as a member of your family.

Stipend paid to Host/Host family-The amount paid by the student to the host varies depending on the student’s budget and the amount the host/family feel is required to cover the cost of adding another person to their household. At present, students in the program pay between $325 and $550 a month to their hosts. It is important to keep in mind that the aim of a homestay is first and foremost to provide host and student with a mutually satisfying intercultural learning experience. Persons who only want the extra income that renting provides should not apply to serve as hosts for the homestay program.

Duration of a Homestay-Placements vary depending upon your and the student’s preferences and needs. Placements typically last one semester (five months) or one academic year (nine months – August through May).

Students’ background and English fluency-The participating students represent countries from around the world. They are young adults who have graduated from secondary school with strong academic credentials. English proficiency varies. Some students are enrolled in English as a Second Language (ESL) classes, while others speak and comprehend English very well and are enrolled in credit classes.

Applying to be a Host-The process to host begins by completing an application that profiles your situation. Once your completed application is returned to JCCC’s International and Immigrant Student Services (IISS) office, we will arrange an interview at your home to further explain the program to you and answer any questions you might have about hosting a student.

Matching Students with Hosts-First hosts and students must complete a Homestay application. Each placement is done individually, and students are carefully matched with their hosts. A number of factors are taken into consideration to help make the best possible match. Variables include the host's and student's values, the activities each enjoys, religious preferences, and the length of Homestay desired.

For further information-Contact the JCCC Homestay Coordinator at (913) 469-7682 or email.