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International students who are attending JCCC on an F-1 student visa are welcome to participate in the JCCC Homestay program. A homestay is a living arrangement in which an international student resides in an American home. By participating in a homestay, students have the opportunity to:

  • Practice English conversational skills.
  • Learn firsthand about American culture
  • Experience being part of an American family
  • Learn about our global community

For hosts, the benefits of taking in a student include:

  • Learning about another culture, customs and country
  • Making a connection with a young person from abroad
  • Seeing the world through a young person’s eyes
  • Gaining the satisfaction of helping an international adapt to a new world

Individuals or families that serve as homestay hosts receive a stipend from the student they take in to cover the cost of room and board. They also choose the amount of time they wish to host.