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The Student Aid Report (SAR) is the report sent to you that summarizes the information included in the FAFSA.

The Student Aid Report (SAR) also includes the EFC, the amount of Federal Pell Grant eligibility, if any, as well as any eligibility issues that may need to be resolved.

When the JCCC Financial Aid Office receives your SAR, the office will begin evaluating your data.

If you provide an email address on your FAFSA, your SAR will be sent to that email address. Otherwise it will be sent to your mailing address listed on the FAFSA.

You’ll get your Student Aid Report about three to four weeks after you submit your FAFSA online or mail your signature page to the Federal Processing Center. If you haven't received your SAR within three to four weeks of submitting your FAFSA online, call the processor at 1-800-4-FEDAID to make sure that your application was received and is being processed.

When you get your report, read it and make sure all of the information on it is correct.

SAR Corrections

If anything is incorrect, make corrections on Part 2 of your SAR and return it to the Federal Processing Center at the address located on the back of Part 2 or bring Part 2, signed, to the Student Financial Aid Office so the office can send in the corrections electronically.

After that, you’ll get a new SAR.

This process can take up to four weeks or longer if the form is incomplete or signatures are missing.


Your application may be selected for income verification. If that happens, you'll need to complete a series of additional steps. If the JCCC Student Financial Aid Office needs more information or documentation from you, you'll be contacted by student email. You can also check your requirements online. Additional documents the office may need might include:

  • Copies of federal tax forms
  • W-2s
  • Verification worksheets