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If a student is absent when an exam is given at his or her school, a make-up exam will automatically be placed by the professor. The student must come to the Testing Center, SC 334; it is recommended that exams be made up within one week.

As a Quick Step Plus College Algebra student, you have the chance to retake unit exams. Only the highest score in each unit will be kept. Retakes must be done before the next unit exam is given at your high school. 

Students are responsible for requesting retakes by emailing the following information to their assigned JCCC professor:

  • Full Name (no nickname)
  • High School
  • High School Teacher’s Name
  • Unit Exam (identify which)

Please allow a minimum of 2 work days for the exam to be placed in the Testing Center.

We encourage you to take the exam within a week of the date the exam was given at your school. Before coming to campus, please wait for a return email to verify that a test has been placed for you, or call the Testing Center.

Retake Location:
JCCC Testing Center and Hours
Student Center, 3rd floor, SC 334

Photo ID and JCCC ID
Note: Personal calculators (without a lid) can be used