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Courses Offered


ANI 122 Digital Rendering for Animation

ANI 125 Introduction to 2D Animation

Automotive Technology

AUTO 125 Intro to Auto Shop Practices 

AUTO 129 Brakes I

AUTO 131 Brakes II

AUTO 150 Steering & Suspension I

AUTO 151 Alignment Practicum

AUTO 156 Electrical I

AUT0 165 Automotive Engine Repair


BIOL 121 Intro Biology for Non-Majors

BIOL 135 Principles of Cell & Molecular Biology

BIOL 127 General Zoology

Business and Marketing Management

BUS 121 Introduction to Business

MKT 230 Marketing


CHEM 124 General Chemistry I Lecture

CHEM 125 General Chemistry I Lab

Computer Science 

CS 134 Programming Fundamentals 

CS 200 Concepts/Prog Algorithms C++ 

CS 205 Concepts/Prog Algorithms JAVA

CS 210 Discrete Structures I

CS 211 Discrete Structures II

CS 235 Object-Oriented Program/C++

Computer Science Desktop Publishing

CDTP 135 Desktop Photo Man I: Photoshop

Criminal Justice

CJ 121 Intro to Criminal Justice System

CJ 124 Criminal Justice & Corrections


ECON 132 Survey of Economics

ECON 230 Principles of Macroeconomics

ECON 231 Principles of Microeconomics


ELEC 120 Introduction to Electronics

ELEC 125 Digital Electronics I

ELEC 134 DC Circuits*

ELEC 225 Digital Electronics II*

ELEC 234 AC Circuits*

ELEC 236 Semiconductor Devices*


ENGL 121 Composition I

ENGL 122 Composition II

Environmental Science

EVRN 130 Environmental Science

EVRN 131 Environmental Science Lab

Fire Science

FIRE 111 Hazardous Materials Awareness and Operations

FIRE 131 Firefighter I

FIRE 141 Firefighter II


FL 240 Intermediate French I

FL 140 Elementary French I

FL 141 Elementary French II


FL 120 Elementary German I

FL 121 Elementary German II

Health and Wellness

HPER 195 Intro to Sports Medicine

HPER 204 Care & Prevention of Athletic Injury


HIST 129 Early Modern Europe 1500-1789

HIST 130 European History Since 1789

HIST 140 US History to 1877

HIST 141 US History Since 1877


HORT 115 Home Horticulture

Journalism and Media Communications

JOUR 227 Basic Video Production


MATH 171 College Algebra

MATH 173 Precalculus

MATH 181 Statistics

MATH 241 Calculus I

MATH 242 Calculus II

MATH 243 Calculus III 

Metal Fabrication 

MFAB 124 Introduction to Welding

MFAB 152 Manufacturing Materials/Process


MUS 123 Intro to Music Fundamentals

MUS 141 Music Theory:  Harmony I


PHYS 130 College Physics I

Political Science 

POLS 124 American National Government

POLS 135 International Relations

Practical Nursing and Health Occupations

AVHO 102 Certified Nurse Aide


PSYC 130 Introduction to Psychology 


FL 131 Elementary Spanish II

FL 130 Elementary Spanish I

FL 230 Intermediate Spanish I