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Please read this information carefully. It contains answers to the most commonly asked questions about the JCCC nursing program.

I. Nursing Courses

A. All nursing courses include a clinical, lab and a classroom component

B. Courses are taken consecutively and may not be taken out of sequence

C. All aspects of the nursing courses must be satisfactorily completed to be eligible for promotion.  The nursing courses are equivalent to 30-35 hours per week (lecture, clinical days, lab and study).

II. Non-Nursing Courses

The following non-nursing courses must be completed prior to the first semester of the nursing program once you are accepted:

  • College Algebra - MATH 171
  • Introduction to Psychology - PSYC 130
  • Composition I - ENGL 121

A. Natural Science

• Natural science courses must be completed within 5 years* of the Feb. 1 application deadline.

1. Human Anatomy & Physiology
This course may be taken either combined (BIOL 144) or separately (BIOL 140 & BIOL 225) but must be taken prior to applying to the program. If the courses are taken separately, the expiration date will be based on the semester BIOL 225 was taken. Both courses cannot be over five years old.

*Waiving of the five-year rule on Anatomy & Physiology—the five-year rule may be waived if Human Pathophysiology is taken within the year prior to applying to the program and a minimum grade of B is earned. That means the course must be taken no later than the fall semester prior to applying.

2. Human Pathophysiology (BIOL 227)
This course must be taken no later than the first semester of the nursing program but can be taken as a program prerequisite with adherence to the five-year rule on natural sciences.

Students requesting a course substitution for a science course must complete this formal process through the Science Department, CLB 337.

Note: If admitted to the Nursing Program, students must submit all course substitution forms signed by the appropriate department head and sent to CLB 115, the Nursing Department office, by July 1. Course substitution forms may be obtained from the appropriate department head or may be attached to the program plan that admitted students must review with an RN counselor.

B. Human Development

1. Human Development has a prerequisite at JCCC of Introduction to Psychology.

2. Child Development will not substitute for Human Development since a life-span course is required.

C. English and Math Courses

Students enrolling in their first college-level English and/or math course at JCCC are required to take the corresponding JCCC assessment test(s). If current ACT English and/or math test scores are high enough, the assessment test may be waived. For information contact Testing Services, 913-469-4439.

D. Current Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation

1. American Heart Association Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) for Health Care Providers is required and must be obtained during the summer before starting the program. JCCC’s EMS 121 (CPR I – Basic Life Support for Healthcare Provider) will satisfy the CPR requirement for beginning the Nursing Program only if completed during the summer prior to starting the program.

2. American Heart Association certification will fulfill the CPR requirement as long as both one and two rescuer procedures are done and it is a course for Health Care Providers.

E. Bi-annual certification in CPR for Health Care Providers is required. (This is not an admission requirement.)

III. Course Sequencing

Non-nursing courses may be completed prior to admission to the nursing program.  However, other general education courses may not be taken later than the semester in which they are scheduled.  For example: PSYC 218, Human Development, may be taken before the first semester in nursing, but cannot be taken after the second semester in the nursing program. It is strongly recommended that non-nursing courses be completed prior to admission to the nursing program.

IV. Pass/Fail Option

Applicants who submit grades of “P” for any class required in the nursing curriculum must have official verification (letter from registrar of school where the course has been completed) that the “P” grade represents a grade equivalent to “C” or better in that course.

V. Assistance with Advising and Admission Process

A.  Information sessions regarding the JCCC Nursing Program are held twice a month. Call 913-469-3809 to make a reservation (see information session schedule). 

B.  After attending an information session, if you have any additional questions about the admission process or course selection planning, please contact the Counseling Center at 913-469-3809, and request an appointment with an RN counselor.