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Terri Erickson-Harper


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Terri Erickson-Harper, Professor of Graphic Design, is dedicated to inspiring learning through discovery, highlighting methodologies that incite inquiry and new ways of seeing. She has taught courses in product design, graphic design and exhibition design, and contributed to design curriculum development at JCCC, the University of Kansas, and the Kansas City Art Institute. She has exhibited design work at the University of Kansas and was invited to present at a National Design Education Conference from which “Drawing, Language and Literacy” was published.

Her work has been recognized by Business Week magazine and the Industrial Designers Society of America. She holds two USA patents for product innovation. Working as a professional designer in New York City, Chicago and Kansas City, she has designed for

  • Hallmark Cards
  • AT&T
  • Polaroid
  • Sears Craftsman
  • Falcon Jet

Since graduating from Michigan State University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Design, she has been a member of IDSA and AIGA, serving as president of the Kansas City Chapter of IDSA and as faculty advisor to student chapters.