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Instructors have provided the following information to generally describe what to expect in their classes.


Teaching style
I am a self-described grammarian who uses many different tools to teach. My style is communicative. I lecture, but interaction is vital. There are paired or group activities. Spanish is spoken 70-80% of the time (in FL-130/ 131) and 95%-100% (FL 230/231). 

Homework, participation and attendance
Along with the textbook and the workbook the activities on Connect are incorporated. There are student presentations and projects.

Tests and quizzes
There are weekly quizzes and unit tests The quizzes may not be made up for any reason. The students may drop one quiz and one exam.  Attendance is very important in regard to the success of the student in the course.

Background and other interests
My accent is usually identified as more peninsular (Spain) than any other country. I have traveled to México, the Baja, Costa Rica, Panamá, and Spain. Research interests include female playwrights of the Spanish-speaking world. I have a background in theatre and love to blend the two disciplines.