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William Ratliff AAS, TOII, Paramedic

Adjunct Associate Professor, Emergency Medical Science; Captain, Bonner Springs Fire and EMS

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William Ratliff has been one of the primary adjunct professors with the Johnson County Community College Emergency Medical Science program since 2004. In the EMS 121 CPR class, Mr. Ratliff enjoyed instructing close to 200 students annually in the basics of first aid and CPR and providing students with a slight taste of what the field of emergency medicine was like.  In 2010 he accepted the position of instructor/coordinator with the Emergency Medical Responder (EMS 128) course.  This allowed him to expand on the knowledge and material presented to students with a pinpoint focus of teaching students to become operators within the EMS community. 

Today Mr. Ratliff plays an integral part in instructing 11 EMR classes throughout the year.  EMR is now being taught in two high schools for college credit and has expanded to Douglas County; the course is now offered in Overland Park, Olathe and Lawrence.

Mr. Ratliff was very active in outdoor activities and sports, including football and baseball.  Athletic training was his gateway into EMS, but it was Emergency Medical Science which captured his passion for excitement, spontaneity and the anticipation of the unknown.



  • Associate of Applied Science, Johnson County Community College, 2001


  • Tactical Emergency Medicine (TEMS), Kansas/MTOA, 2016
  • PEPP-ALS, AAP, 2014
  • PEARS, AHA, 2006
  • Training Officer II, Kansas, 2003
  • Paramedic/MICT, NREMT/Kansas, 2001
  • PALS, AHA, 2000
  • ACLS, AHA, 2000
  • BLS Instructor, AHA, 1995
  • EMT, NREMT/Kansas, 1995
  • First Responder (Currently called EMR), Kansas, 1994