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Instructors have provided the following information to generally describe what to expect in their classes.


Class Format

Class time will be divided between lecture days and problem days. I try to include current, real-world examples in class and encourage students to notice economic principles in their everyday lives. Students are encouraged to spend a lot of time redrawing the models (graphs) we discuss in class.

Resource Use

Textbook- Available in hard copy and in an on-line format.

Software- I utilize the Connect software for homework assignments and students will be required to purchase a code for the software.

Calculator- a basic calculator is encouraged- no graphing calculators and no phones allowed.

I also utilize D2L (soon to be Canvas) to keep students up to date on the class calendar and grades.


Grades are comprised of on-line homework, in-class problem sets and approximately 4 exams.

Homework Policy

Completion of homework assignments is required to pass the class.  Homework is done in class in the form of problem sets.  Online homework is also assigned. I do allow students to drop their lowest homework scores from the semester.

Attendance Policy

You must be present in class on Problem Set days in order to receive credit. Besides Problem Set days, I do not take attendance. Students who attend class regularly receive much better grades than those who do not. It is the Economic Department's policy not to drop students for non-attendance.


I have regular office hours every week and am also available by appointment.

Additional Information

I do not allow laptops or phones in class.  It is important to hand draw the graphs/models we discuss in order to fully understand how they work.