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Instructors have provided the following information to generally describe what to expect in their classes.


Class Format (Face-to-Face Classes)

Over the years I have found that individuals respond differently to types and styles of teaching approaches; therefore a cross-section of teaching approaches and instruments will be utilized throughout the semester’s work in courses in which I am involved.

I firmly believe that teacher-student rapport contributes significantly to a student’s overall learning experience. To that end, creating an open and supportive environment where class interaction and participation is strongly encouraged is a key ingredient to any course I teach. 

Due to the subject matter, the student will be ask to visually relate to, translate and present theoretical concepts to interpret economic circumstances and events (Meaning – There’s lots of graphs and charts). 

Resource Use


(Homework and Exam Questions)

JCCC Information Systems Utilities
D2L (Internet Access)

(Lecture Materials, Exam Review Materials, Grade Postings, email)

Textbook Publisher’s Website
(Internet Access)

Required (When Specified)
(Lecture Materials, Homework Assignments, Exam Review Materials)


The student’s grade is typically based on points earned from homework (8 – 10 assignments), section exams (3 – 4) and attendance/participation. Class period time will typically be reserved for a thorough review of topics/questions to be addressed on each exam. (Note: A comprehensive final exam is not used by the Economics Department as a part of its overall assessment criteria). 

In some cases, extra credit will be offered to students for special assignments. When offered, it will be available to all students in the class independent of their current standing in the course.

Attendance, Homework and Testing Policy

Although attendance is not a requirement of the institution; daily attendance taken and factored into the student’s overall grade. In any case, homework is due on its due date; exams are to be taken in class on the scheduled dates. 

If for some unplanned reason, an exam cannot be taken at the scheduled time, a makeup exam can be arranged to be taken through Testing Services; however, in these cases the student will never be eligible for full credit.


At his institution, adjunct instructors are not required to have published office hours; therefore if a student wants/needs time to discuss a topic, assignments or other item, the student will have to schedule an appointment.

Additional Insight

I always make an attempt to publish lecture materials (typically PowerPoint) and homework assignments in advance of when materials are to be covered in class or in advance of due dates. 

I personally feel that an engaged student comes to class prepared. A part of a student’s preparation is having these materials in hand at class time. For example, on the day homework is due; I typically reserve time to cover specific questions that students may have regarding any of the various questions.