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Instructors have provided the following information to generally describe what to expect in their classes.


Class Format

Face-to-face sections are whole group sessions with equal emphasis on conceptual and applicable understanding. PowerPoint notes are provided, and in-class examples are prevalent. Class participation is strongly encouraged.

Resource Use

Textbooks tend to supplement the lecture, and the PowerPoint slides are derived from the textbook. We also take practice problems and certain exercises from the book throughout the class.

Online homework is used heavily in all my classes. OWL (Online Web-based Learning) is the primary source for homework in my class, which counts for 5% of the final grade.

Desire2Learn is an online platform that is used in all my classes to distribute lectures, notes, practice problems and other relevant information about the class; in addition, it is the primary place to check student grades.


All classes will have homework, quizzes and four or five unit exams along with a comprehensive final exam. Roughly 80% of the final grade will be from the unit and final exams, and the other 20% will be determined by a combination of homework, attendance and quizzes.

Homework Policy

Homework is generally supplied online via OWL, and the due dates are set online, therefore late work is not accepted.

Attendance Policy

Chemistry classes can be fairly tough courses that move at a relatively brisk pace. Therefore, any absence can set you back. Attendance makes up 5% of the final grade.


I am usually available before and after class, and always by appointment. Email responses are normally sent within a few hours, sometimes longer for late night and weekends. Text messages are responded to usually within an hour, and phone calls will be responded to within a few hours.