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Instructors have provided the following information to generally describe what to expect in their classes.


Class Format

Face-to-face sections: The class sessions are based on lecturing, group discussion and problem-solving. Active participation from students is required. The most effective way of learning is paying attention, effective note taking, and discussing problems and concepts with people seated near you.

Lab is all about hands-on activities. You are required to participate actively in each experiment, observing and analyzing the activities being performed, connecting them back to the lecture and discussing the chemical background with your lab partner.

Resource Use

Online Resources: The chemistry course’s website on Desire2Learn. On the website you can find the syllabus, practice quizzes and practice exams, as well as any other activity that requires your participation. It is very important that you check your course website regularly and meet the due dates for the assignments. If online homework is required for a course it will be explained in the syllabus.

You will need computer and Internet access for the chemistry courses; problems with the computer or the connections will not be admitted as an excuse for missing or incomplete work.

Required Textbooks

The use of the textbook is extensive; it complements the lecture and provides practice exercises.

Required Supplies

For the chemistry courses and labs you will need: safety goggles, lab coat and a basic nonprogrammable scientific calculator capable of scientific notation, with exponents, logarithms, square roots, etc. Programmable and graphing calculators, as well as cellphones, are NOT allowed in quizzes and exams.


About 75-80% is based in unit exams, quizzes, and a final comprehensive exam taken at the end of the semester. The other 20-25% is evaluated based on one or several class projects, homework, reports and a lab grade specifically in the case of CHEM 122.

Homework Policy

Late assignments and projects will not be accepted.

Attendance Policy

Students are expected to be present and participate in class. Chemistry builds up on each topic; it is important for you to comprehend and master each topic in order to understand the next one. Attending each lecture will help you progressively build up this knowledge. During class sessions the quality of your attention and participation will reflect the quality of your overall performance.

Attendance is essential for lab. No make-up labs will be given; if a lab is missed you will not receive any credit for it.


You can find me in my office (OCB-342 A) 40 minutes before and after each class and you may submit questions through email. You may also set up a meeting by appointment.