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Apprenticeships combine hands-on practical experience with classroom studies.

JCCC Continuing Education apprenticeship programs are designed with these goals in mind:

  • Respond to emerging and current industry and labor market trends
  • Deliver quality talent with relevant skills the moment it is needed

Our advantage is all industry-centered training and program development is led by highly qualified instructors with real industry experience. Apprenticeships are a specific approach to reach a diverse part of the workforce, including new hires, career changers, veterans and incumbent workers. Apprenticeships can be an asset for the modern student, a tech-driven company and our changing economy.

Thousands of employers across many industries, from construction and commercial trades to healthcare to IT, offer apprenticeships for job seekers. These customizable on-the-job training programs improve skills and competencies of apprentices, and in turn lead to higher productivity.

If you own a business in Kansas, having an apprentice will help build a qualified workforce with the exact skills needed to fill your job openings and reduce employee turnover.

Be an industry leader! Take the next step to embrace an alternate approach to traditional education.

Interested in Learning More About Apprenticeships?
Whether you're interested in becoming an apprentice or you represent an employer interested in sponsoring apprentices, email the JCCC Apprenticeship Team to request more information.