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The Student Sustainability Committee, SSC, is charged with allocating the Sustainability Initiatives Fund for the advancement toward a more sustainable campus.

The Sustainability Initiatives Fund is a made possible by a $1-per-credit-hour contribution by JCCC students. The fund was born in fall 2009 when a team of JCCC Honors students lobbied the president and the Board of Trustees and petitioned their peers to approve the fee. Over 1,500 signatures were collected from the student body.

Apply to Become an SSC Member

Student Sustainability Committee member seats are filled during the spring semester for the following academic year. If you are interested in serving on the SSC, please contact the Center for Sustainability, Sustainability Education and Engagement Coordinator.

Apply for Project Funding

Do you have an idea, small or large, to help make JCCC more sustainable? Or are you working on a project that complements our sustainability focus?

SSC Projects

The following projects and initiatives were made possible by the Student Sustainability Committee and the Sustainability Initiatives Fund at JCCC.

Spring 2018

  • Revampings of pre-existing aquaponics and hydroponics systems
  • Campus Bird Strike Study

Fall 2017

  • Harvest Lunch
  • Seph Lawless, a photographer of abandoned buildings and social critic
  • Solar Decathlon attendance for students
  • Matched grant funding for on-campus conference: "Building Resilient Communities: The Future of Sustainable Agriculture Education in Kansas"

Spring 2017

  • Funded installation of 85-kW solar array on Student Center.
  • Community of Visual Professionals coffee table book of sustainability-focused photography
  • Epicenter conference
  • “Blue Jeans Go Green” project for Enactus
  • Campuswide solar feasibility study
  • Michael W. Twitty presentations on foodways

Fall 2016

  • Sustainable Agriculture students and faculty member Claire Zimmermann attended regional Grower’s Conference
  • OCB Compactor Waste Audit
  • Funded "Empty Bowls" pottery and hunger project

Spring 2016

  • Replaced batteries for solar technology modular classrooms
  • Funded 50% recycled PET plastic content t-shirts for volunteers at Stop Hunger Now food packaging event
  • Funded compost shed improvements
  • Funded development of campus recycling center
  • Funded additional water bottle refilling stations
  • Funded Open Petal Farm intern to staff JCCC’s Sustainable Agriculture table at the Overland Park Farmer’s Market

Fall 2015

  • Funded self-watering window boxes for culinary students in HCA kitchens
  • Funded LED lighting options for Interior Design computer lab (student research project)
  • Funded Las Pintas Solar and Cultural Immersion Experience
  • Supported addition of a Nissan Leaf to driver’s education program

Spring 2015

  • Funded lighting laboratory in GEB (request from Interior Design students)
  • Committed funds to upcoming Carlsen Center renovation
  • Funded improvements for community visitors and students to campus farm
  • Funded improved, energy efficient lighting at Nerman Museum
  • Funded food and culture speaker series for 2015 Academic Year
  • Funded additional chair reupholstery (completion of request from Interior Design students)
  • Funded student designed and proposed food forest addition to campus farm (request from Sustainable Agriculture student)
  • Funded improved bins for campus food pantry (request from Model UN and Nutrition Club)
  • Funded lecture and performance by DJ Spooky
  • Funded update for GYM boiler system, improving water and energy efficiency

Fall 2014

  • Las Pintas Solar Thermal Trip
  • Matched funding to purchase reusable cups for students attending orientation sessions
  • AASHE Conference attendance – learn about our experiences here.
  • Improved and increased efficiency of lighting in student gallery spaces on campus

Spring 2014

  • Interior Design Students – Chair reupholstery project
  • Solar Thermal system for hot water in GYM
  • New bins for Food Court / Down Under

Fall 2013

  • Student subsidy for pilot of 3-credit hour interdisciplinary and immersive outdoor education spring break trip to Big Bend National Park, in partnership with Wildwood Education Center.
  • Sponsorship of dinner for Vandana Shiva at JCCC in partnership with Cultivate KC, in exchange for free JCCC student tickets to her Kansas City keynote address.
  • Funding for travel and materials for 10 JCCC students to take part in the Las Pintas Solar Experience.
  • Renewed annual funding for ongoing supply and maintenance improvements to the campus recycling and compost initiatives.
  • Provide supplemental funding to Campus Services in order to complete the installation of occupancy sensors in campus classrooms.
  • Purchase of brushed metal recycling bins for the Nerman Museum of Contemporary Art, to better match their aesthetic goals and promote waste diversion in that location.
  • Funding for a 3rd student intern position within the Center for Sustainability to help with compost, recycling, surplus and other efforts.
  • Established an engagement event budget for more efficient execution of smaller material or food purchases, such as regular farm lunch buffets.
  • Honorarium and travel for Epicenter keynote speaker on ethical fashion design, Summer Rayne Oakes.
  • Provided supplemental funding to Campus Services to perform a year's worth of seasonal maintenance on the Southeast Quadrant Stormwater Project.
  • Purchase of an electric truck for various uses by the Center for Sustainability, specifically the collection and delivery of compost, specialty recyclables, such as electronics, surplus and more.

Spring 2013

  • Purchase of a sub-compact tractor to serve multiple purposes for both the Campus Farm and Compost Initiative, including mowing, collecting, tilling, and lifting and moving compost
  • Funded summer internships for two Sustainable Agriculture students on the Campus Farm
  • Materials for the Solar Technology students to install a solar heating system on their off-grid lab
  • Creation of signage for the Olathe Health Education Center conveying detail about the sustainable features that earned it LEED Gold Certification
  • Installation of occupancy sensors in classrooms across campus
  • Provided for the purchase of new disposal bins in the Food Court, allowing for improved sorting and waste diversion
  • Approved funding to start a college bike share program
  • Funded reupholstery of 24 campus arm chairs scheduled for replacement
  • Funded travel and materials for JCCC Solar Technology students to travel to Las Pintas, Mexico to install solar water heaters for the local community
  • Contributed funding in partnership with Performing Arts to host Hayseed by Susan Werner in fall 2013
  • On-campus installation of HAVEN, an art sculpture that provides undisturbed habitat for bees
  • Speaker fees for the Kansas Academy of Science Conference hosted at JCCC.

Fall 2012

  • Purchase of campus CavCard prizes for a recurring JCCC Student Sustainability Call for Proposals.
  • Contributed funding in support of sustainability speakers at the Horticulture Sciences Field Day.
  • Software and conversion to an SQL database, making a campus energy dashboard possible.
  • Registration and travel fees for Sustainable Agriculture students to attend the Great Plains Growers Conference.
  • Materials for an Environmental Science Lab’s bat box project, two of which will be installed on campus.
  • Design documents for a proposed Solar Thermal installation on the campus GYM.
  • Allotted funding for various supplies and equipment to improve and sustain campus Recycling and Compost initiatives.
  • New plantings and seeding for the campus Southeast Quadrant Stormwater Project.
  • Funded the purchase of a used Prius, Honda Hybrid, parts and tools for a Hybrid Auto Repair curriculum within the campus’s Automotive Technology program.
  • Catering for the campus’s second annual student sustainability conference, Epicenter 2012, so that admission could remain free.
  • Funded materials and supplies for the creation of five campus solar-charging stations, to be built by Solar Technology and Welding students
  • Approved ongoing funding for student internships in Compost and Recycling within the Center for Sustainability.
  • Stipend for student graffiti artwork on the Solar Technology classroom

Spring 2012

  • Funded plumbing, irrigation and the purchase of supplies for a satellite site for the sustainable agriculture certificate program in partnership with the Common Ground Program in Lawrence, KS
  • Funded student travel to a regional higher education sustainability conference at which student committee members presented about the creation and function of the Student Sustainability Committee
  • Funded a Student Sustainability Idea Contest among the student body at large
  • Funded a Summer Compost Internship for a JCCC student to facilitate the campus’s compost operation
  • The purchase of a trailer to haul food scraps to the composter and compost to the campus farm
  • The purchase of mini trash bins for individuals and common-area recycling containers for distribution to campus offices as part of the campus’s forthcoming Centralized Office Recycling and Trash (CORT) program
  • The purchase of LED bulbs for exchange on campus, specifically within the signage identifying campus buildings, can lights in hallways and on building exteriors
  • Landscape maintenance for JCCC’s stormwater management system
  • Funded the development of construction documents for a student-designed potting shed for the Children’s Garden at the Hiersteiner Child Development Center
  • A second iteration of the sustainable sculpture contest. Four new student sculptures were installed this spring.

Fall 2011

  • Contributed to the installation of "Kansa," an earthwork by artist Stan Herd featuring native plants and limestone on JCCC’s campus
  • An underground irrigation system for the Campus Farm
  • The purchase of supplies for a Solar Cycle competition for local grade school students hosted by JCCC
  • The purchase of food for and presenter travel to and from the Epicenter 2011: Generating Student Sustainability Leadership conference hosted by JCCC, in order that students could attend free of charge
  • Contributed to the funding for Studio 804’s Galileo’s Pavilion to be built on JCCC’s campus
  • Funded the consultation on and creation of a landscape improvement and maintenance plan for the campus “marsh” area
  • The purchase of supplies for an Interior Design special topics course on re-upholstery
  • The purchase of supplies to continue efforts by our Early Childhood Education department to include outdoor education as a focus of its curriculum

Spring 2011

  • Contributed funding for sustainable elements of a planned Japanese Garden on campus
  • A campus traffic study to inform a sustainable transportation plan
  • A sustainable sculpture contest among JCCC Sculpture students, winners were then installed on campus for display
  • The purchase of a new Toyota Prius for JCCC’s Driver’s Education program
  • The installation of a solar thermal water heating system at the campus Horticulture Center
  • The production of up to five sustainability-focused video pieces, created by JCCC video production students, for KCPT’s The Local Show
  • Co-sponsorship with JCCC's then-named Performing Arts Series for a performance of Bella Gaia for the campus and larger community
  • The purchase of four enhanced campus recycling stations for high traffic areas

Fall 2010

  • The purchase of a chipper to divert campus yard waste from the landfill while creating a useful mulch
  • The purchase of a tiller, plow, produce cooler and other equipment to support the operations of the Campus Farm
  • The purchase of two additional Hydration Stations for installation on campus

Spring 2010

  • The purchase of fruit trees for the Children’s Garden at the Hiersteiner Child Development Center
  • The purchase of a cardboard compactor to make campus recycling more efficient
  • The purchase of three BigBelly Solar units for efficient recycling and waste collection within JCCC’s courtyard and plaza.
  • Contributed to a stormwater management project to treat storm runoff from 21% of parking and driving surfaces on campus
  • The purchase of two Hydration Stations to promote the use of reusable water bottles
  • A renewable energy feasibility study of the campus
  • The annual funding of a full-time Sustainability Engagement Coordinator position within the Center for Sustainability Awareness programs or events promoting sustainability

Current Committee Members

Student Senate Delegate 1 - Sailor Usher
Student Senate Delegate 2 - Mahlet Mulugeta
Honors Delegate - Claire Cox
Sustainable Agriculture Delegate 
Interior Design Delegate - 
Student Environmental Alliance Delegate
– Josh Leone

Student Environmental Alliance

At-Large Member 1 – Naeley Torline
At-Large Member 2
– Josh Joswara
At-Large Member 3 – Naeley Torline
At-Large Member 4 –
At-Large Member 5 – 
At-Large Member 6 – Benjamin Poage (Co-Chair)
At-Large Member 7 – Breanna Morrison (Secretary)

Faculty Advisers

Bryan Cranston – Electrical Technology
Eric Elisabeth –  Chemistry
Steven Giambrone – Biology
Stu Shafer – Sustainable Agriculture, Sociology
Deborah Williams – Environmental Science, Sustainability, Bioethics

Camille Addison
Osama Al-Saleh
Ellie Bellum
Amanda Bergman
Nils Beverlin
Juan Bocanegra
Hanan Boukhaima
Kait Bridges
Andy Cardona
Sarah Carpenter
Kevin Clark
Sara Clinton
Elizabeth Cloud
LeeAnn Cole
Katy Culwell
Shelby Dallman
Kyle Davison
Kevin Earls
Jessica Fiona
Dalton Funk
Peter Gaskamp
Megan Gladbach
Madi Gordee
Benedikt Gruber
Taylor Hall
Krista Harr
Jorden Henderson
Kali Hiatt
George Hoech
Alyssa Jackson
Lucy Jenab
Sarah Johnson
Tyler Jones
Josh Joswara
Kristen Khoang
Mpho Kekana
Andrew Kimeu
Erin Kruse
Brandon Lane
Vivian Law
Sean Lefler
Spenser Lehman
Karen Long
Yvette Luancing
Hannah Lusk
Courtney Masterson
Linda Makau
Alyssa Miller
Breanna Morrison
Emily Neff
Kris Mo
Carly Moen
Camille Mullings
Benjamin Poage
Amy Pepper
Kaylen Peterson
Lucas Poe
Xiao Ren
Emily Reno
Nicholas Roudebush
Donna Sanders
Darrien Savage
Khusrav Sharifov
Sydney Simpson
Diane Sodders
Will Soriano
Kelsey Spaulding
Chris Stone
Rebecka Tedlock
Teddy Tjardes
Ben Tomlin
Liz Vajgrt
Arielle Von Der Heyde
Amanda Wang
Erin Willard
Michelle Wilson
Melissa Wilson
Hannah Zehr
Frankie Zeng
Kim Zenk
Ali Zinati
Wenya Zhao

Campus Wide Sustainability Idea Contest
JCCC Campus Sustainability Idea Contest

Leave a lasting impact on campus and the student body by taking part in JCCC’s Sustainability Idea Contest.

During the month of April, students are encouraged to submit proposals outlining their ideas for creating a more sustainable campus.