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Leave a lasting impact on campus and the student body by taking part in JCCC’s Sustainable Ideas Contest.

JCCC Campus Sustainability Idea Contest

During the month of April, students are encouraged to submit proposals outlining their ideas for creating a more sustainable campus. Projects can range from student awareness programs to behavior-changing campaigns to infrastructure upgrades or installation. Transportation, energy efficiency, upcycling and waste management are a few of the many areas to consider focusing on.

Contest Criteria

Proposals will be judged on:

  • Ability to be implemented
  • Total benefit to the campus
  • Depth of research and detail of proposal
  • Sustainability influence
  • Reach of impact 

Submissions should also address the estimated project budget, including cost savings, environmental impacts, awareness raised and any other financial information necessary to plan for the implementation.


Students who submit a proposal that is selected for development will receive a $100 CavCard.

The student who has the most impactful, original and well-developed proposal will be awarded a $500 grand prize. 

Deadline April 30

Submit proposals and supporting materials to by April 30.

Questions? Call 913-469-8500, ext. 2883.

Recycling, Charging Stations, Bike Racks, Bus Stop, Campus Farm and More ...

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