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JCCC offers academic study in studio and performance art, as well as award-winning offerings for our surrounding community, all of which provide rich connections with our sustainability work.

Student Sculpture Project

Sculpture classes produce public art highlighting sustainability-related concerns and reuse campus materials to produce wonderful pieces of art. These (nearly free) projects are displayed around campus for a limited period of time.

Films Focusing on Sustainability

The Center for Sustainability hosts viewings of many films focusing on sustainability. Some past showings include Chasing Ice, Vanishing of the Bees, and PlanEat.

Performances Create Sustainability Awareness

In collaboration with the colleges Performing Arts program, the Student Sustainability Committee has helped bring performances that illustrate sustainability issues through vision and sound, including Joey FineRhyme, Bella Gaia, DJ Spooky, and Tallgrass Express.

Campus Wide Sustainability Idea Contest

JCCC Campus Sustainability Idea Contest

Leave a lasting impact on campus and the student body by taking part in JCCC’s Sustainability Idea Contest.

During the month of April, students are encouraged to submit proposals outlining their ideas for creating a more sustainable campus.