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Earth Days is JCCC’s biggest spring semester event, held during the week surrounding Earth Day (April 22). For 2020, the JCCC campus closure due to coronavirus has shifted all events online. We have a full calendar with many ways you can get involved — from the safety of your home environment.

Earth Days 2020

April 20-24, 2020

Safer at Home This Year

We’ve got a pile of ideas – whether you’re looking for a way to unwind with your family in the evening or to get outside and stay active (while practicing social distancing). Earth Days 2020, April 20-24, has a little something for everyone, even when we’re #saferathome!

Pull out your phone or camera to take part in the Earth Days challenges listed below. Share photos of your adventures (and tag us) to any of our social media channels NO LATER THAN APRIL 30. Participating wins you chances at fabulous prizes!* We’ll be sharing our own posts as we participate, too. We miss you all, and look forward to seeing you in our timelines!

Social media
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IG: @sustainablejccc
Twitter: @sustainablejccc

All Week Long, April 20-24

Climate challenge on the Seek app

Download the Seek app to identify plants and animals through your camera based on the photo database and identifications made through iNaturalist. Your observations help scientists monitor changing patterns in local plants. Complete the Climate Challenge: Observe 20 different plants and earn the Our Planet badge, then tag us in a photo of your badge on one of our social media channels for a chance to win a prize.

PaperKarma challenge

Eradicate junk mail with the PaperKarma app, available for iPhone and Android devices. Count up the number of pieces you cancel and tag us in a photo of your pile of mail (don’t forget to obscure your address!) on one of our social media channels.

Garden and compost challenge and activities

Spring is a great time of year to explore gardening in your backyard, on your back deck, or even on a windowsill. Did you know gardening is also good for the climate? A tomato grown on your back porch requires less energy than one you buy at the grocery store. And eating a more plant-rich diet reduces your carbon footprint. Tag us in a photo of you gardening, composting, or enjoying either of these activities:

  • Gather the younger kids in your home to listen to a video storytime of Miss Maple’s Seeds, by Eliza Wheeler, a book for kids aged 4-6.
  • Families with older kids at home, gather your crew, check out the @campusledger blog post and video on our on-campus composting operations, and tag us in a question about our composting operations.

Caterpillar and butterfly challenge and activities

As the seasons change and days get warmer, we will see more caterpillars. Take a few minutes today to look out for butterflies’ (and bees’) favorite food sources in your neighborhood, and use your Seek app to identify the food sources you think they’d most enjoy. Then, tag us in a selfie with one of those food sources, or one of you enjoying either of the resources below.

Energy challenge

As the days get longer and (hopefully) sunnier, the Center for Sustainability keeps energy in mind. Learn a bit about renewable energy at JCCC by looking at our energy and solar production dashboards. Take a minute as you walk this week to look around for evidence of solar energy in your neighborhood and tag us in selfies with what you find, or as you join in an activity below

  • Do you or a neighbor have solar energy? Are you curious about how those panels work? This video (appropriate for ages 7 and up) explains a bit more about how solar energy is converted to energy we can use to run our homes. Share your – and your family’s – questions about solar energy to our social media channels to join in the conversation!
  • This sundial craft, for younger kids in your home, shows how the sun moves across the sky during the day. Make your own sundial, and be sure to show us the results! 

Interactive online events

Sustainability Popup: Turning Careers into Callings With Sustainability
Monday, April 20, 2 p.m. – Epicenter 2020 might have been canceled, but in this afternoon panel discussion you can join a free virtual conference on Zoom hosted by JCCC's Center for Sustainability.

Participants will have time to interact with panelists in breakout rooms and learn more about what it means to work at improving our regional food system, resource management, governance and leadership, and a host of other callings — all closely related to our panelists’ broader career paths.

Geared for high school juniors and seniors and college undergrads, we welcome anyone looking for ways to make their career more relevant, rewarding, and enjoyable through sustainability.

Trivia Night
Wednesday, April 22, 7 p.m.
 – Join Center for Sustainability staff in an environmentally-themed Kahoot Trivia night. We’ll get together on Zoom to play stump the chumps with an evening of trivia. Bring the whole family – our questions will be geared for all!

Movie Watch-along — ‘Big Miracle’
Friday, April 24, 7 p.m.
 - Using Chrome, download the Netflix Party extension and join in with the entire family in a Center for Sustainability watch-along of Big Miracle, a PG film inspired by the true story of a rescue. A small-town news reporter (John Krasinski) and an animal-loving volunteer (Drew Barrymore) join forces with rival world superpowers to save a family of majestic gray whales trapped by rapidly forming ice in the Arctic Circle. We’ll chime in throughout, and you’ll have a chance to react and chat with friends. After downloading the extension and logging into your Netflix you’ll need to use this link, and click on the NP icon at the top of your screen to join in the chat.

*Can't win if you don't play!

JCCC students – we want to acknowledge your participation in our Earth Days challenges! We’ll keep track of your social media activity until April 30. Then, when campus reopens, stop in the Center for Sustainability office in OCB 157 for your prizes!

  • Log in or tag us for 3 unique posts on three different days and you'll win a sticker from our giant stash of environmental and travel-related stickers.
  • Log in or tag us for 4 events and win a sticker AND a new coffee cup or water bottle from our stash of renewed and reusable items.
  • Log in or tag us for all 5 events, and we’ll have a sticker or three for you, plus we’ll enter you in a drawing for a 20-oz. Yeti tumbler!

Campus Wide Sustainability Idea Contest

JCCC Campus Sustainability Idea Contest

Leave a lasting impact on campus and the student body by taking part in JCCC’s Sustainability Idea Contest.

During the month of April, students are encouraged to submit proposals outlining their ideas for creating a more sustainable campus.

Recycling, Charging Stations, Bike Racks, Bus Stop, Campus Farm and More ...

See our Map for Locations