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How did we do? Let's take a look at the 2014-2017 goals and tasks.

JCCC student at graduation hugging two faculty members

Goal 1: Student Success

Task  Status
1. Create academic master plan aligned with strategic goals. Completed 2016
2. Integrate academic offerings, advising and student resources. Completed 2016
3. Identify/implement high-impact practices that demonstrate positive results in student satisfaction, retention, persistence, graduation, transfer. In progress
4. Increase enrollment by developing a long-range enrollment/recruiting plan. Completed 2016
5. Foster a culture that inspires college employees to proactively support students. In progress

Goal 2: Stakeholder Needs

Task  Status
1. Implement a program review and development process to ensure curricular offerings maintain high quality and align with community needs. Completed 2016
2. Improve satisfaction with internal business processes (quality and delivery time). Completed 2016
3. Expand web-based instructional options for students and the community. Completed 2017

Goal 3: Communication

Task  Status
1. Develop a comprehensive marketing plan that supports the priority of increasing enrollment. Completed 2016
2. Enhance internal communication through increased cross-functional collaboration and intentional communication to the campus community. Completed 2017

Goal 4: Efficient Resource Use

Task  Status
1. Reduce administrative costs as a percentage of total expenditures through streamlining business processes, service area reviews and reallocation of resources. Completed 2017
2. Improve facility utilization. In progress
3. Revamp the budget process to align with strategic goals. Completed 2016