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Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) for the Strategic Plan ensure effectiveness and inform decision-making.

2021-2025 Metrics

More details available as the plan progresses.
Course Success
Credit Course Success Rate (NCCBP)
Non-credit Course Success Rate
Retention Rate
Credit Fall-to-Spring Retention (NCCBP)
Credit Fall-to-Fall Retention (IPEDS)
Non-credit Retention (NCCBP)
Success Rate
Credit First-time, Full-time, Degree Seeking Success Rate (IPEDS) (150%)
Credit First-time, Part-time, Degree Seeking Success Rate (NCCBP) (150%)
Non-credit Completions (number of completers)
Employed in Related Field of Study [Metric to be defined]
Partnership Assessment
Number of Partnerships [Metric to be defined]
Partnership Satisfaction [Metric to be defined]
Satisfaction of Partners and JCCC
Community Satisfaction
Create an overall community satisfaction/importance survey [Metric to be defined]
Belonging Score
NL SSI – Q1: Most students feel a sense of belonging here.
Employee: I feel a sense of belonging at JCCC. [Metric to be defined]
Creation of College Scorecard/Dashboard
Track Implementation of Scorecard/Dashboard [Metric to be defined]
Employee Engagement
Identify a tool to measure engagement. [Metric to be defined]
Professional Development
Percent of employees participating in at least one Professional Development Opportunity each year (ex., hosted seminars, educational reimbursements, conference travel authorizations, etc.). [Metric to be defined]