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The College annually researches and updates current trends in the political, economic, social, technological, educational and demographic environment. The trends and data are focused on key external environmental factors that JCCC needs to develop, update and implement its strategic plan. This knowledge informs the annual planning process to set the direction for the institution.

Mega Trends

These 10 trends were identified through the scanning process as overarching and most significant to inform the planning process:

  • Predicted general population increase between 3-6%; increase in racial and ethnic diversity, specifically Hispanic and black.
  • Unemployment rates continue to drop; often signals decrease in community college enrollment.
  • State of Kansas higher education budget likely to decrease.
  • Johnson County is the job growth engine for the Kansas City metropolitan area.
  • Increasing accountability focus in higher education on student outcomes.
  • Federal policy toward for-profits is unknown.
  • Decreasing public funding for higher education places more financial burden on students.
  • More students living at home and working while in college.
  • Digitalization of education changing way students live and learn.
  • Continual increase in underprepared students.

Detailed Environmental Scans