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Johnson County Community College engages in strategic planning to keep the organization focused on serving our students, community members and other partners in a rapidly changing and increasingly interconnected world.

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Dr. Joe Sopcich


Johnson County Community College continuously evaluates how we serve our students and community. We hold ourselves accountable for helping students achieve higher levels of success.

To accomplish our goals, we use data to measure student progress, including key performance indicators like persistence, retention, and graduation rates.

We compare our performance through benchmarks to that of nationally identified peer institutions. Our priority strategies are those that make a significant, positive difference in student success at JCCC.

Responding to the needs of students and our community is how JCCC continues to inspire learning to transform and strengthen communities.

Dr. Joe Sopcich
JCCC President


Institutional Priorities and Strategies

JCCC employees create and maintain an environment where the highest levels of academic achievement for students are fostered. The College is dedicated to consistently developing high levels of academic rigor in classrooms, laboratories and co-curricular student learning spaces. Investments are made in forward-thinking approaches to keep programs evolving and relevant. This commitment prepares students beyond the stated needs of transfer and industry partners.

Strategy 1: Relevant Offerings

JCCC uses program reviews to determine the direction of offerings based on current market placement, future potential, forecast community need, feedback from advisory committees and available resources.

Strategy 2: Academic Planning

JCCC strives to create meaningful academic growth for all students by aligning student goals at entry with academic planning facilitated toward reaching those goals in a timely manner.

Strategy 3: Quality Indicators

JCCC invests in employing the highest-caliber educators to serve as faculty and ensures students have access to faculty in the learning environment.

The comprehensive programs and services at JCCC are aligned to help students reach their diverse educational goals. The College seeks to identify each student’s educational intent and develop pathways for success. Credit and non-credit programs are aligned for transfer, entry into the workforce or personal interest. Support services are relevant to the evolving needs of students.

Strategy 1: Success Model

JCCC enhances a student success model, designed around determining students’ intent when entering the College, with strategies to promote success along the student's journey.

Strategy 2: Campus Engagement

JCCC provides comprehensive opportunities for students that are aligned to strengthen the overall college experience.

Strategy 3: External Partnerships

JCCC fosters community and transfer partnerships, creating broad opportunities for students during and after their educational experience.

JCCC’s employees take pride in the College’s mission and in their contributions to its success. Employees are committed to the organization, to one another and to their own professional growth. A strong connection to the College makes a positive difference for students and community.

Strategy 1: Quality People

JCCC attracts and retains high-caliber people who contribute to the College’s success and to their professions.

Strategy 2: Communication

JCCC values its people and establishes formal and informal communication structures to solicit improvement ideas.

Strategy 3: Professional Development

JCCC is committed to employees’ growth and well-being, providing professional and personal development and recognition opportunities to support individuals and teams.

JCCC engages locally, regionally, nationally and internationally to provide experiences for the community. The College develops productive partnerships with individuals, businesses, government and professional organizations that support instructional programming, advisory boards and events. The College supports economic and workforce development through its participation and service on projects, boards and community activities.

Strategy 1: Community Activities

JCCC serves as the convener for activities that strengthen learning and community interaction.

Strategy 2: Community Partnerships

JCCC maximizes partnerships to enrich economic development and civic engagement.

Strategy 3: Community Inclusion

JCCC pursues the exchange of diverse voices, thoughts, interactions and practices to foster a unified community.

JCCC reviews the effectiveness of programs, services and practices as part of an ongoing commitment to operational improvement. The College aligns processes to support the strategic direction of the College and drive efficiency. Through responsible management of resources, the College holds itself accountable to its people and community so that it may remain relevant and innovative.

Strategy 1: Facility Management

JCCC enhances its facilities to ensure that relevant functional spaces support students, faculty and the community.

Strategy 2: Operational Efficiency

JCCC engages in practices to continually review and adapt operations to best serve students, employees and the community.

Strategy 3: Sustainable Practices

JCCC is committed to ensuring students will benefit from a holistic approach to sustainability.