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Suspension, Demotion and Termination Appeal Policy 416.01
Johnson County Community College
Series: 400 Personnel
Section: Employee Complaints and Discipline

Cross Reference: Suspension, Demotion and Termination Appeal Operating Procedure 416.02

Applicability: This Policy applies to an employee that has been suspended without pay, demoted or terminated under Policy 415.08, except that there shall be no right of appeal for part-time or temporary employees. Additionally, an employee shall not have the right to appeal if the employee is not to be reappointed because of insufficient revenues, abolition of position or program, reduction of program, failure of employee to satisfactorily complete the probationary period, or failure of the employee to maintain certification and/or licensing or provide satisfactory evidence thereof.

Filing an Appeal: An appeal shall be made in writing to the Vice President over Human Resources within ten (10) days of the notification of suspension, demotion or termination.

Appeals that are appropriately filed under this Policy shall be reviewed and decided in accordance with the Suspension, Demotion and Termination Appeal Operating Procedure. 

Date of Adoption:
Revised: 04/20/2017 (effective 07/01/2017)