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he Scholars-in-Residence (SIR) program is a venue that allows individuals representing divisions, programs or cross-disciplinary groups to propose presentation(s) by off-campus scholars. The purpose of the Scholars-in-Residence Program is to enrich a discipline and the entire college community.

The application instructions are in InfoShare. Use your JCCC username and password to download it.

Responsibilities of the Proposer(s)

  • Formulate rationale or purpose of the event(s).
  • Identify and contact proposed speakers, artists and presenters.
  • Recommend formats for presentations (lectures, showings, workshops, etc.).
  • Attend Scholars-in-Residence Committee meetings and keep members apprised.
  • Encourage attendance among students and colleagues by developing a publicity plan.
  • Attend planning meetings with SIR Committee.
  • Have a current IDP on file in Staff Development.

Responsibilities of the Scholars-in-Residence Committee

  • Provide funding for project (amount based on scope of project).
  • Assist in scheduling event times and locations.
  • Provide a timeline for planning event and publicity.
  • Provide publicity materials.
  • Provide administrative and other support.
  • Designate a SIR member to serve on the proposing committee to facilitate planning.
  • Encourage attendance among students and colleagues.