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Our Mission

To serve as a resource and an advocate for American Indian and Alaska Native individuals and communities. To also act as a resource for JCCC students, faculty and staff, as well as the community at large, trying to better understand American Indian and Alaska Native cultures and societies and their ways of life.


  • To partner with colleges, universities and academic institutions, both Native and non-Native, to obtain and coordinate needed educational resources for American Indian peoples, nations, communities and organizations.
  • To develop culturally appropriate curriculum that addresses cultural and social issues such as ethno-centrism, racism, socio-economic disparities, health disparities and other issues that negatively affect the well-being of American Indians.
  • To educate both Natives and non-Natives about the current state of Indian affairs in the United States through partnerships with academic institutions, community organizations, non-governmental and governmental organizations.
  • To create scholarship and internship opportunities for American Indian students wishing to pursue higher education.

CAIS and its associated programs are supported and funded by the National Cancer Institute, the National Institute on  Minority Health and Health Disparities and Johnson County Community College.