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The Video Services department's services and responsibilities include the following.

  • The 24/7 programming of four educational access cable channels: Spectrum of Overland Park (ch. 17), Consolidated Communications (ch. 17), Comcast of Olathe (ch. 22) and Google Fiber (ch. 144).
  • A campus-wide video network system
  • Maintenance and repair of all video equipment
  • Extensive recording and duplication of multiple video formats
  • Satellite downlink feeds and recordings
  • All media operations in the Healthcare Simulation Center with engineering and technical support for the HSC, EMS and Olathe Healthcare simulation facilities
  • Support of credit courses including Introduction to Broadcasting, Broadcast Performance, Advanced Broadcast Performance, Basic Video Production and Advanced Video Production
  • Production of the Accounting I media course
  • Engineering and technical support for the college's digital signage system including the West Park and Olathe Healthcare Education Center locations
  • All home volleyball and basketball games are streamed live online
  • Video resources for online courses
  • Other academic productions including the recording of adjunct faculty classroom presentations, student projects, and faculty and guest lectures
  • Services in support of continuing education activities including specialized training workshops and conferences