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The mission of Academic Technology Services (ATS) is to promote and support the use of technology by students, faculty and staff at Johnson County Community College.

Specifically, ATS:

  • Facilitates a centralized end-user support desk for all Information Services systems and applications.
  • Supports and maximizes the use of technology by students, faculty and staff.
  • Supports instruction by providing distance learning software and hardware tools.
  • Manages and supports computer laboratories and media classrooms.
  • Manages and supports the use of host computer systems used by students and faculty for instruction and research.
  • Provides student technical support for academic systems.

Scope of Services

  • Centralized Technical Support Center number and services
  • Emergency classroom technical support
  • Student technical support
  • Academic office technology support
  • Software problems
  • Hardware problems
  • Server support
  • ITP support
  • Classroom and student support
  • Lab assistant support

Shannon Ford
Director, Academic Technology Services