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All full-time, benefit eligible, non-bargaining unit staff employees who provide the college with a minimum six- (6) month advance written notice of intent to retire where the staff member meets the full benefit eligibility requirements with the Kansas Public Employees Retirement System (KPERS) and has a minimum of fifteen (15) years of full-time service at the college shall be eligible to receive a one-time notification award at the time of separation in an amount as follows:

  • $5,000, subject to applicable withholding, for full-time employees through Grade 17
  • $7,500, subject to applicable withholding, for full-time employees Grade 18 or above

Once the eligible staff member submits the required written six- (6) month notice of intent to retire, it shall be deemed irrevocable unless otherwise determined by the President of the college.

In the case of an eligible employee wishing to retire under the option to receive a notification award where it is determined by the college that the college's best interests are not served by the request, the college may opt to defer this request by one (1) year, but the notification award amount shall be increased to $10,000, subject to applicable payroll withholdings.

Members of the Johnson County Community College Faculty Association should reference the Master Agreement with the JCCC Board of Trustees for eligibility and notification requirements associated with benefits similar to this Retirement Notification Award.