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Group # 14092000

The Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas City Preferred-Care Blue PPO medical option allows you the freedom to choose any provider or facility you want. However, using in-network providers will allow you to enjoy the highest level of benefits and substantial savings.

This option has a calendar year deductible of $500 per individual and $1,500 for family.  After satisfying the deductible, the PPO covers:

  • In-network services at an 80 percent coinsurance level, or
  • Out-of-network services at a 60 percent coinsurance level

The calendar year, out-of-pocket maximum (including deductible) for the PPO is:

  • $2,000 per individual - $4,000 family maximum for in-network services, and
  • $6,000 per individual - $12,000 family maximum for out-of-network services

You can use the college's Health Benefit Plan Summary – PDF to learn more about the PPO and compare it to the other medical options available to you.