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JCCC makes available, to full-time benefit-eligible employees, dependent life insurance coverage with the Standard Life Insurance Company and with the Kansas Public Employees Retirement System (KPERS).

Standard Life Insurance - Group #151414

New full-time benefit eligible employees may elect to purchase dependent life insurance coverage for their spouse and eligible dependent children as follows:

  • For your spouse - $25,000
  • For each of your children - $5,000

Dependent life insurance premiums are paid by the employee on an after-tax basis at $3.41 per pay period ($6.82 per month) regardless of the number of dependents being covered.

New employees enrolling for the first time may enroll their spouse for coverage without Evidence of Insurability, within 30-days of their hire date, and child coverage is always automatic. If you choose to enroll your spouse in coverage at any time other than upon their first eligibility you will be required to submit a Standard Evidence of Insurability/Medical History form, and coverage on your spouse will not be effective unless approved by The Standard.

Unmarried dependent children are covered from live birth until the end of the year they turn age 26. An employee's unmarried child, step-child, foster child or adopted child is included as a dependent if they depend on the employee for 50 percent or more of their support. Domestic partners and domestic partner dependent children are not eligible for dependent life insurance coverage.

When an employee turns age 75, the amount of their dependent life insurance coverage is reduced by 50 percent, with no corresponding reduction in monthly premium.

No employee can be both a covered employee and a covered spouse (refers to employees who are married and are both full-time, benefit-eligible employees). If an employee and spouse are both covered as employees, only one will be eligible to enroll their eligible dependent children for dependent life insurance coverage.

KPERS Spouse and Child Life Coverage

KPERS additionally provides JCCC full-time benefit-eligible employees with the opportunity to purchase life insurance coverage on their spouse and children within 30 days of their hire date. New JCCC employees may purchase spouse life insurance coverage in $5,000 increments, to a maximum of $100,000.

You do not have to elect KPERS Optional Group Life Insurance in order to purchase KPERS spouse life coverage. A new JCCC employee may purchase up to $25,000 of guaranteed issue spouse life insurance coverage. Evidence of insurability is required on amounts in excess of $25,000.

No KPERS participant can be both a covered employee and a covered spouse.

You may purchase KPERS child life insurance coverage in one of the following amounts without evidence of insurability:

$10,000, or


If both parents are KPERS members, only one parent may elect child life coverage.

You can learn more about KPERS life insurance coverage options and premiums on the KPERS website.