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Group #14092000

The Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas City BlueSelect Plus PPO is a limited network plan, medical option. This medical option is best for individuals who live in the metropolitan Kansas City area. It includes nearly 3,000 providers but only nine (9) area hospitals. Participants must visit a BlueSelect Plus hospital or provider in order for benefits to be paid at the in-network level. Care received outside of the BlueSelect Plus network in the metropolitan Kansas City area will be paid at the out-of-network benefit level, which may be $0.00. Outside the 32-county Blue KC service area, BlueSelect Plus members are covered under BlueCard PPO coverage.

A BlueSelect Plus member flyer is available here, BlueSelect Plus Flyer – PDF.

A BlueSelect Plus provider directory is available at the BCBS website.

This option has a calendar year network deductible of $500 per individual and $1,500 for family.  After satisfying the deductible, the PPO covers:

  • Network services at an 80 percent coinsurance level, or
  • Non-network services at a 50 percent coinsurance level

The calendar year, out-of-pocket maximum (including deductible) for the PPO is:

  • $2,000 per individual - $4,000 family maximum for Network services, and
  • $10,000 per individual - $20,000 family maximum for Non-network services

You can use the college's Health Benefit Plan Summary – PDF to learn more about the BlueSelect Plus PPO and compare it to the other medical options that may be available to you.