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As part of its commitment to student success, the college has examined how students learn about classes and programs, how they move through the curriculum and how they can better manage college costs.

The projects below will refine that process and give students greater guidance, leading to the accomplishment of their goals.

  • Develop and pilot a guided pathways project for implementation in fall 2016.
  • Focus on access and connectedness as it relates to the following recommendations:  
    • Increasing student access to counseling
    • Creating a guided experience for students so they know what to do
    • Bridging the gap for students who are unsure of their next steps
    • Creating a guided self-advising experience
    • Developing training and standards for the student experience
    • Developing a communication and marketing plan for counseling/advising services
  • Purchase software and implement a student loan default management program during fiscal year 2016.
  • Purchase and implement a scholarship application and management solution during fiscal year 2016.