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In 2016 the Johnson County Community College Board of Trustees approved a plan to renovate and build new facilities on the JCCC main campus to benefit JCCC students.

Today's JCCC students benefit from a renovated gymnasium, the exceptional Fine Arts & Design Studios (FADS) and the state-of-the-art Hugh L. Libby Career and Technical Education Center (CTEC).

Our community also enjoys the new “front door” of our campus that welcomes students into our remodeled student center. The Billington Library, one of the campus’ original buildings, has received major updates on all three floors and is now home to our world class collection of student resource centers. Finally, the completion of our new athletic complex brings our student athletes front and center on our campus.

In the coming year, we will continue to fulfill the goals of our facility master plan as we design and build a focused approach to student involvement in the heart of our campus core buildings.

You can watch our new buildings rise from the dirt in our construction time-lapse videos.