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The Higher Learning Commission accreditation process is an important means of providing assurance to the public that Johnson County Community College is properly prepared to fulfill its mission. On a more practical level, the HLC and other accrediting agencies have been designated as the "gatekeepers" for federal funds in higher education, including student financial aid.

As a leading educational institution in Kansas, we believe the upcoming accreditation visit will confirm that JCCC is meeting our mission to inspire learning to transform lives and strengthen communities. Throughout the pre- and post-visit process, we will assuredly learn much more about the College and welcome the beneficial feedback we will receive to help us better fulfill and even enhance our mission.

Pre-visit timeline. Systems portfolio - JCCC submits to HLC June 1017. JCCC receives feedback September 2017. Additional evidence - JCCC submits quality update February 2018. JCCC submits federal compliance Feb. 2018. Site Visit Logistics - establish agenda with team chair February 2018. Communicate agenda with campus March 2018. Site Visit team on campus - JCCC provides requeted documentation and access April and May 2018. Campus participates in open forums April and May 2018.

Draft feedback report - JCCC receives final feedback report June 2018. JCCC provides correction for errors of fact June 2018. JCCC sends final feedback report July 2018. JCCC receives final feed back report July 2018. Letter of response - JCCC provides letter of resonse to HLC on the final feedback report July 2018. Institutional Actions Commiitte reviews JCCC materials and issues status of accreditation August 2018. JCCC receives notice of accreditation August. 2018.