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Boldt strikes new IT career track

Most of us apply for a job, hope that we ace the interview and wait for the phone to ring. A recent recipient of JCCC’s Continuing Education Microsoft Certified IT Professional (MCITP) Server Administrator course had a somewhat different experience. Before David Boldt reached the front door of his home after his interview with The Lewer Companies the phone had already rang – a job offer was on the answering machine.

Boldt has always loved working with computers and he knew he needed a few more certifications under his belt. What he didn’t realize is how quickly his educational efforts would pay off.

“The courses gave me the information and experience to advance my career to the next level,” he said. “The mix of experience from the instructor and the hands-on learning environment in the lab gave me not only the skills but the knowledge and confidence I needed to take the next leap in my career.”

Boldt is now a system administrator and his career is soaring in a new direction. From servers to thin clients to phones – “If it has to do with technology, I am in charge of it,” he said.

Boldt has been an IT professional for 18 years and his certification only adds to his deep knowledge and affection for the field.

“I have always loved working with computers,” he said. “That’s what makes this the perfect job for me. I never dread going to work because I work at what I truly enjoy.”

The MCITP certification from JCCC’s Continuing Education Computer Technology department combined with the unique delivery of the course taught by Bob Carney, gives students a boost by exposing them to the technology they’ll encounter in the workplace.

JCCC’s program is different from other training because it uses virtualization extensively. Virtualization uses software to turn a physical computer into a piece of software that runs in exactly the same fashion as the physical device it replaced. Virtualizing servers allows organizations to manage large numbers of servers without a corresponding large number of physical devices. This movement to virtual machines lowers energy costs, lowers support costs and mostly eliminates the problems associated with hardware.

JCCC goal is to provide an infrastructure of students to the community employment pool who are familiar with virtualization.

“Our students actually run Windows-Linux servers in a real world cloud computing environment,” said Bob Carney. “That’s why David is so valuable; because of JCCC’s method of training. He has already worked in an environment that companies want to emulate and he had the skill set to save businesses a substantial amount of money.”

According to Carney, JCCC is the first college in the country to conduct MCITP certification training in a virtualized environment combined with curriculum custom built by instructors.

“We are also moving toward opening a Cloud Computing certificate program that could also be the first in the country,” he said. “Our vision is to offer virtual platforms all the way from small business to the consumer.”

JCCC has deployed thousands of virtual servers for student use in the computer technology programs on the credit and continuing education branches.

“This combination meets the needs of employers in an efficient and cost-effective approach,” said Keith Krieger, program director, technical training, Continuing Education, Organizational and Workforce Development.

Besides a larger paycheck, Boldt’s reward for all of his efforts is that he gets personal satisfaction of being the person known for coming up with the answers for technological questions.

“Knowing those who work with me trust me to find the best solution – that’s a good feeling,” Boldt said.

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