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Workforce Development

Word Specialist Certificate (Continuing Education)

Receive instruction in our Word 2010 or 2013 class lineup. Build a solid foundation with Word Fundamentals and Word Intermediate before moving on to Word Advanced. Complete all classes within one year and receive the Word Specialist Certificate.

Once completed, you will be prepared to take the Microsoft Office Specialist exam at our Regnier Testing Center.

Prerequisite: Windows, keyboard and mouse proficiency.

Required Courses

We suggest attending these classes in this order.

  1. Word 2010 Fundamentals
  2. Word 2010 Intermediate
  3. Word 2010 Advanced


  1. Word 2013 Fundamentals
  2. Word 2013 Intermediate
  3. Word 2013 Advanced

Take 3 and Save! Receive a 15 percent discount when you enroll in and pay for three or more classes in a single transaction. Discounts are non-transferable. Any changes to enrollment will result in a loss of discount.

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