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ESL Advanced and Professional Courses (Continuing Education)

Johnson County Community College's Advanced and Professional English Communication courses are specially designed to meet the unique needs of non-native American English speakers living and working in the United States.

Courses in speaking and pronunciation, presentation skills, grammar and professional writing will provide strategies to help participants communicate more clearly, directly and confidently.

  • Grammar Development
  • Pronunciation Improvement
  • Presentation Skills
  • Professional Writing
  • Conversational English

Visit the class search to view detailed schedules for the above courses.

Who should take these courses?

  • Individuals who want to build confidence in their English communication skills and communicate with clarity, directness and cultural sensitivity expected in a professional organization setting
  • Individuals aspiring to a management position or other advancement opportunities
  • Working professionals with mid-to-high level English proficiency and who hold a bachelor’s degree or beyond from any country

How will participants benefit?

  • Improved ability to communicate clearly and effectively
  • Enhanced confidence in communicating in English
  • Increased career opportunities
  • Ability to use professional communication strategies

Who are the instructors?

All of our instructors have advanced training in teaching English as a Second Language, experience in working in a professional setting and experience teaching adult learners.

What makes Johnson County Community College unique?

Continuing education classes are available to help county residents hone their working skills or acquire new ones, either for the jobs they hold now or to prepare for new careers.

JCCC's continuing education program is the largest and most comprehensive in the Kansas City area.

To support industry training needs, the college partners with the Kansas Department of Commerce to help companies access workforce training funds. Through this partnership, companies have accessed more than $106.6 million from the Department of Commerce since 1983 to support local workforce development.

The college's Academic Achievement Center helps students meet their academic goals in spelling, reading and math. In addition, free tutoring in specified academic areas is available.

The Writing Center helps students and the community with writing skills and operates a hotline to answer grammar questions.

More than 5,700 employees of area companies take advantage of contract training courses specifically tailored for them and presented at the college or onsite at the workplace.

Because not every student can take courses taught in the conventional classroom, JCCC also offers online classes, telecourses, self-paced study, courses taught by arrangement, weekend classes, classes at local high schools, late-start classes, accelerated classes and credit through prior learning assessment.

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