About Us

Video Services produces community interest programs that are simultaneously streamed online and shown on these JCCC's educational access cable TV channels. Campus events are also often streamed live online.

Video Services serves students, faculty, staff and community members.

Department services and responsibilities include:

  • The 24/7 programming of three educational access cable channels, Time Warner of Overland Park (ch. 98.17), Consolidated Communications (ch. 17) and Comcast of Olathe (ch. 22)
  • A campus-wide video network system
  • Maintenance and repair of all video equipment
  • Extensive recording and duplication of multiple video formats
  • Satellite downlink feeds and recordings
  • All media operations in the Healthcare Simulation Center with engineering and technical support for the HSC, EMS and Olathe Healthcare simulation facilities
  • Support of credit courses including Introduction to Broadcasting, Broadcast Performance, Advanced Broadcast Performance, Basic Video Production and Advanced Video Production
  • Production of the Accounting I media course
  • Engineering and technical support for the college's digital signage system including the West Park and Olathe Healthcare Education Center locations
  • All home volleyball and basketball games are streamed live online
  • Video resources for online courses
  • Other academic productions including the recording of adjunct faculty classroom presentations, student projects, and faculty and guest lectures
  • Services in support of continuing education activities including specialized training workshops and conferences

Contact Us

Phone: 913-469-8500, ext. 3344
Campus Mailbox: 65
Location: LIB 145
Director: Vincent Miller

Faculty and staff in need of video services can access request information and forms on InfoShare. Use your JCCC username and system password to log in.