Board Meetings

Regular meetings are scheduled for the third Thursday of each month at 5 p.m. in the Hugh Speer Board Room, 137 General Education Building. Any exceptions to these dates or times are noted by asterisk below. Regular meeting dates or times may be changed by majority consent of the Board of Trustees (Board Policy 112.00).

2014-2015 Board Meeting Dates

July 17, 2014
August 14, 2014*
September 25, 2014*
October 16, 2014
November 20, 2014
December 18, 2014

January 15, 2015
February 19, 2015
March 12, 2015*
April 16, 2015* (4 p.m.)
May 14, 2015*
June 18, 2015

Can anyone attend a board of trustees' meeting?
JCCC's board of trustees abides by the Kansas Open Meeting Acts (KOMA), KSA 75-4317 et seq. Therefore, board of trustee meetings are open to the public. Only executive sessions are closed.

What is an executive session?
The board may call an executive session, which is open only to the elected members of the board of trustees. Others, such as college counsel, may attend an executive session by invitation. The trustees may go into executive session for these reasons:

  • To discuss personnel matters concerning non-elected personnel
  • To consult with the college's attorney
  • To confer on employer-employee negotiation
  • To discuss matters affecting a student
  • For preliminary discussions relating to the acquisition of real property
  • For reasons of security, if open discussion would jeopardize security

Do I need to tell someone that I wish to attend a board meeting?
No. After you've signed in, you may simply take a seat in the meeting room (usually the Hugh W. Speer Board Room, 137 GEB). Board packets, which tell you what will be discussed at the regular monthly meeting, are available online.

How can I find out when and where the board meets?
The meeting dates are posted online. Meetings usually begin at 5 p.m. (those that start at a different time are noted by an asterisk) and take place in the Hugh W. Speer board room, 137 GEB, on the JCCC campus. The dates and times of regular meetings may be changed by the majority consent of the board of trustees. The board may also call special meetings in between the regular monthly meetings and set times for workshops and retreats. Changes to meeting times and the dates and times of special meetings, workshops and retreats will be posted. The media is also notified of meeting times and dates.