WIA Student Guide for JCCC Classes

WIA Student Guide for JCCC Classes (Workforce Investment Act)

This guidance is based on the policies/procedures for Workforce Partnership-sponsored WIA students. If you are seeking sponsorship from another WIA office, the process will vary. WIA programs within States and Counties differ. It is the student's responsibility to understand the policies and procedures applicable from the agency providing their funding.

Steps to Authorize your WIA Funding

1. Contact your WIA office

2.Use your "Individual Training Account" (or "ITA") voucher,  if granted

  • Credit Classes:
    • Complete your JCCC admissions application.
    • Go to the JCCC Student Success Center with your ITA voucher to meet with a JCCC counselor to develop a Proposed Credit Program Outline.
    • The Proposed Credit Plan requires a JCCC counselor's signature. The Credit Program Plan must be written detailing all classes in each semester for the duration of your chosen field of study.
  • Continuing Education Classes:
    • Schedule an appointment with the JCCC contact person to develop your Continuing Education Program Plan.
    • The Proposed Continuing Education Program Outline requires a JCCC counselor's signature. The Program Plan must be written detailing all classes in each semester for the duration of your chosen field of study.
    • To determine your contact person, refer to the Continuing Education Program Contacts for WIA online.
      • You may also call Continuing Education Registration at (913) 469-2323 (stay on line for assistance) to be referred to the contact person. You will need to identify yourself as receiving WIA funds and specify your approved program as listed on your ITA Voucher.

3. Contact the department office for your program of study to determine additional costs

  • Some programs have additional equipment or licensing costs to complete the program that are not part of your tuition, fees or books.
  • You will need an estimate of these costs to be included with your ITA to ensure that WIA will cover those costs as needed.
  • Continuing Education program contacts for WIA are online, but credit program contacts are within the specific academic departments.

4. Bring your ITA Voucher, completed Proposed Program Outline, and Information about Additional Costs to GEB 117, the Third-Party Billing office.

  • This office will complete and sign the cost estimate section of the ITA Voucher. You will receive a copy of the ITA Voucher for your records.
  • The original signed ITA Voucher will be sent to the coordinating WIA agency for final approval.
  • Credit Classes:
    • You may register for credit classes. Prior to the payment deadline:
      • Verify with your WIA Career Advisor that your completed ITA voucher received final signature approval and JCCC has received notification. and
      • Log into "EASI" in "My JCCC" to ensure that you have a hold type "Third Party Auth-Tuition". This hold means that you will not be dropped for nonpayment.
    • Continuing Education Classes:
      • Take the signed ITA Voucher to Continuing Education Registration -Regnier Center, Room 173. Register for classes.

    5. Continued participation in WIA

    Funding is contingent upon your ongoing submission of monthly timesheets/attendance reports, course syllabi, certificates of completion, etc. as required by the WIA program. Consult your WIA Career Advisor for any questions about the WIA program.

Contact Third-Party Billing

Mon.-Fri. 8 a.m.-5 p.m.
Location: GEB 117, Box 55
Phone: 913-469-7696
FAX: 913-469-2561
Email: ThirdPartyBilling@jccc.edu
Mailing Address:
JCCC Third-Party Billing
12345 College Blvd.
Overland Park, KS  66210
Third-Party Staff


Tuition & Payment Deadlines
  • Fall 2014 - Payment is due when you enroll.
  • Spring 2015 - Payment deadline is Tues. Jan. 13, 2015 by 6 p.m.
  • see Tuition and Deadlines
Textbook Costs

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