Testing Services Procedures and Policies

General policy: Students are not allowed to use books, notes, calculators, etc., while testing in the lab, unless permitted by the instructor. Students need to have a clear understanding of the test requirements, before arriving to take a test. The testing lab only proctors exams and has no control over the requirements or availability of tests. Students needing to verify if a test is available in the lab should contact the instructor directly.

Noncompliance penalities: You will be penalized if you bring personal items and/or unauthorized testing materials into the lab.

Identification: You must present a current official photo identification card such as a JCCC ID, driver’s license, military ID or Kansas State ID prior to taking any test. You will not be allowed to test without proper identification.

Scheduling: All tests, with the exception of standardized tests, are administered on a walk-in basis during the lab’s published hours. Seating is limited. You are encouraged to allow sufficient time for completing an exam within the published hours of the lab. All exams are collected at closing time, even if not complete.

Grading: The testing lab serves as a proctored environment for the administration of tests. Instructors will grade their own tests.

Proctoring: Lab personnel visually monitor students taking a test. Closed circuit cameras are also used to monitor activity in the lab. Any irregularities in the administration process are reported to the instructor and to the dean of Student Services.

Special accommodations: Students who have been approved for special accommodations need to call the ADA testing coordinator at 913-469-8500 ext. 2487 to schedule testing times.

Lockers: You will no longer be allowed to take personal and/or unauthorized materials with you into Testing Services labs. You are encouraged to leave these materials in your car. If this is not possible, a secure locker may be available to store these items while you are testing.

Note: No children are allowed in the testing lab as a courtesy to all testers. Food and drink are not allowed in the lab.

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Location: Student Center 334

Testing Services
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Proctoring Services
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ADA Accommodations

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