Johnson County Community College

Funding Guidelines


The Student Sustainability Committee wants to hear from you most of all!

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The Sustainability Initiatives Fund (SIF) should be distributed for projects proposed by the students, faculty or staff of JCCC, but must be dispersed in a manner that upholds the mission of the Student Sustainability Committee and its focus on furthering a sustainable campus.  No SIF funds shall be allocated towards projects which do not directly involve or benefit the JCCC campus and/or the students, faculty and staff of JCCC, and which do not complement JCCC’s mission for campus sustainability.

Projects appropriate for SIF funding may include:

  • Awareness programs or events promoting sustainability
  • Educational initiatives or materials
  • Infrastructure upgrades or installation
  • Or anything else that can be justified as enhancing JCCC’s commitment toward sustainability in education and operations

Applying for Funding

JCCC faculty, staff and department representatives should contact the Center for Sustainability to discuss your project or initiative and to request an application.


Email us your proposals and supporting material.

Questions are welcome and can be submitted via email or by calling 913-469-8500 ext. 2883.