Johnson County Community College

Students, we need your help. Look at how you have helped us during the past few years with your innovative ideas. Even simple suggestions can be be powerful.

The Student Sustainability Committee (SSC) is sending a request for your proposals. Share your ideas by email and be given the opportunity to discuss the details about improving the sustainability of your campus with your peers.

We want all of your ideas large or small, but we want as much detail as you can provide, to spark our curiosity to discuss it further with you.

Any student project ideas chosen for pursuit, must meet the outlined funding guidelines. You may also want to review our sustainability projects to see if we are already in the process of working on something similar. Projects can range from student awareness programs, to behavior change campaigns, to infrastructure upgrades or installation.

Proposals are determined based on:

  • Ability to be implemented
  • Total benefit to the campus
  • Depth of research and detail of proposal
  • Sustainability of the project (how long will the impacts last?)
  • Reach of impact (what/who does it impact?)

Proposals should also address:

  • Estimated project budget including cost savings, environmental impacts, awareness raised and any other financial information necessary to plan for the implementation.
  • Project must directly impact the JCCC student body or the campus footprint
  • Proposals must be submitted by JCCC students; this is a student contest

Receive a $100 CavCard - if your proposal is selected for development.
Receive a $500 Grand Prize - if your idea is the most impactful, original and well-developed proposal we receive during the semester.

Fall Semester Deadline: 30 April 2015
Submission: Email all proposals and supporting material or questions to or call us at 913-469-8500 x2883.

Past Proposals Awarded by Students

Spring 2015

  • Funded lighting laboratory in GEB (request from Interior Design students)
  • Committed funds to upcoming Carlsen Center renovation
  • Funded solar expansion on COM Building
  • Funded improvements for community visitors and students to campus farm
  • Funded improved, energy efficient lighting at Nerman Museum
  • Funded food and culture speaker series for Fall 2015
  • Funded additional chair reupholstery (completion of request from Interior Design students)
  • Funded student designed and proposed food forest addition to campus farm (request from Sustainable Agriculture student)
  • Funded improved bins for campus food pantry (request from Model UN and Nutrition Club)
  • Funded lecture and performance by DJ Spooky 
  • Funded update for GYM boiler system, improving water and energy efficiency

Fall 2014

  • Las Pintas Solar Thermal Trip
  • Matched funding to purchase reusable cups for students attending orientation sessions
  • AASHE Conference attendance – learn about our experiences here.
  • Improved and increased efficiency of lighting in student gallery spaces on campus

Spring 2014

  • Interior Design Students – Chair reupholstery project
  • Solar Thermal system for hot water in GYM
  • New bins for Food Court / Down Under
  • Motion Sensors installed across campus for classroom and hallway lighting

Fall 2013

  • Big Bend experiential education immersion program
  • Outdoor recycling bins
  • EV Charging Stations
  • Bicycle fix-it station
  • Bottle refilling stations

Spring 2013

Fall 2012

Spring 2012