Johnson County Community College

Now in its second year, the Las Pintas Solar Experience takes JCCC students on an international service trip to Las Pintas, a suburb of Guadalajara, Mexico. Students will work alongside residents to install solar water heaters on homes in the Santa Rosa neighborhood of Las Pintas. Each recipient of a solar water system is responsible for teaching five other families how to build their own systems, thus promoting the spread of skills and awareness for sustainability throughout the community.

Las Pintas Solar Experience for 2014

Exact travel dates will depend on flight cost, availability and other factors. These dates will be determined by April 1, 2014, however the trip will take place for nine days between May 19 and May 31, 2014.

Thanks to sponsorship by the JCCC Student Sustainability Committee, the cost for participating in the Las Pintas Solar Experience is only $200 per person. The trip includes air fare, lodging, ground transportation, solar thermal materials and equipment, and most meals.

JCCC students from all areas of study or experience level are welcome to apply for the opportunity to participate in the Las Pintas Solar Experience. To do so they must either:

  1. be a JCCC student currently or formerly enrolled in EPRM 142 Solar Thermal Systems (if a past EPRM 142 student, you must still be enrolled as a JCCC student), OR
  2. attend BOTH of two Solar Thermal workshops on Saturdays, February 8 and 22, 2014 from 9 a.m.-4 p.m. at JCCC.

For either option above, complete the application below by typing into the form, saving and submitting electronically to Dan Eberle.

Note: Up to 15 students will be admitted to the workshops on a first come, first served basis, pending the acceptance of their application. A waiting list will be created thereafter in case of dropouts. Dropouts after May 1 may forfeit refund of their $200 trip fee.  

Spaces on the actual trip will be limited to 10 students, and participation will depend on effort, follow through and commitment of students.

Apply to participate in the Last Pintas Solar Experience 2014!

For questions regarding the Las Pintas Solar Experience or the solar technician programs at JCCC, contact Dan Eberle, associate professor, energy performance and resource management.