Johnson County Community College


The Sustainable JCCC Annual Award is given in recognition of exemplary actions by an individual or team of JCCC employees to create a more sustainable campus.


Part-time and full-time faculty and staff are eligible to apply for or be nominated for the award. Awards are given for both individual and team effort based on activities both in the classroom and on the campus more generally. Classroom activities, improved campus processes, or individual advocacy and action on campus all qualify. This award is designed to reward efforts above and beyond the basic requirements of the E3 Office Program or basic job responsibilities. Preference will be given to projects with greatest impact but all scales of projects are eligible.

Nomination and Application

Nominations may be made by peers, or individuals may self-nominate/nominate teams.

  1. Applications should reflect sustainability activities that have been completed within the last thirty-six months, with some activity taking place in the academic year in which a nomination is being submitted.
  2. The nominee’s application materials are due to the Center for Sustainability in electronic form and submitted by email on March 23 by 5:00 pm.
  3. Materials will be vetted through the Center for Sustainability before forwarding to an external reviewer. Incomplete applications will not be forwarded for consideration.

Applications Shall Consist of:

  1. Narrative statement should not exceed two (2) pages.  This narrative should include the following where applicable:
    1. A description of the activity including discussion of why it was undertaken (including individual(s) involved and their respective campus departments/divisions).  These individuals should be those who drove the project and key to its development and implementation.
    2. Impact of the activity (economic, social, or environmental as expected or ideally measured).
    3. Does the activity have broader applications to the participants’ lives outside the college or can it be applied within the college to other areas (as a shared best-practice)?
  2. Supporting Documentation (optional but recommended)
    1. Photos, spreadsheets, documentation of conference presentations based on the activity are all potential additions.
    2. Such documentation should ideally use as little paper as possible (hence the electronic submission).


An external judge may select both an individual and team effort recipient. The same project should not have both an individual and a team nomination. 

Recipients will receive a custom-designed award fabricated from recycled content, and will be recognized at the Annual Awards Luncheon during the spring semester.

For Additional Information contact the Center for Sustainability or call us at 913-469-8500, ext. 7654