Johnson County Community College

The following is an archive of courses that have been developed or enhanced through the Sunflower Project. Not all classes are currently being offered. We also have a complete list of current sustainability course offerings.


Looking for sustainability courses to take at JCCC?

Check out our list of available courses  for the current and coming semesters.

Sustainability-Themed Courses

AUTO 235: Hybrid & Alternative Fuel Vehicles Repair & Maint.

PHIL 128: Environmental Ethics

Sustainability-Related Course Sections

AAC 135: Career & Life Planning (with Loralee Stevens)

ANTH 130: World Cultures (with Rose Ediger)

ARTH 184: Art History Twentieth Century Art (with Allison Smith)

BIOL 132: Introduction to Public Health (with Ellyn Mulcahy)

BIOL 135: Principles of Cell and Molecular Biology (with Ellyn Mulcahy)

BIOL 230: Microbiology (with Ellyn Mulcahy or Heather Seitz)

BIOL 231: Microbiology Lab (with Ellyn Mulcahy)

CET 270: Fluid Mechanics (with Susan Johnson)

CHEM 122: Principles of Chemistry (with Melanie Harvey)

DRAF 129: Interpreting Arch. Drawings (with Lydia Cline)

DRAF 132: Exploring AutoCAD (with Lydia Cline)

DRAF 151: Intro to 3D Modeling SketchUp (with Lydia Cline)

DRAF 164: Arch. Drafting/Residential Interior Design (with Lydia Cline)

DRAF 222: Mechanical Design and Drafting (with Damon Feuerborn)

ECON 230: Economics I (with Al Hinds)

ENG 121: Composition I (with Nancy Wandell or Greg Dixon)

ENG 122: Composition II (with Marilyn Senter or Mark Browning)

ENGR 251: Statics (with Susan Johnson)

EPRM 120: Intro to Residential Energy (enhanced by Tim Lednicky; taught by Dan Eberle)

FL 170: Elementary Japanese I (with Dianne Daugherty)

FL 230: Intermediate Spanish I (with Irene Schmidt)

FL 234: Conversational Spanish (with Irene Schmidt)

GEOS 130: General Geology (with Lynne Beatty)

GEOS 141: Physical Geography Lab (with Lynne Beatty)

GDES 235: Production Methods (with Jill Coppess)

HMEC 151: Home Economics (with Anna Page)

HMGT 121: Perspectives of Hospitality Management (with Jason Gray)

HMGT 123: Professional Cooking I (with Aaron Prater)

HMGT 126: Food Management (with Edward Adel)

HMGT 220: American Regional Cuisine (with Edward Adel)

HMGT 230: Professional Cooking II (with Aaron Prater)

HMGT 238: Advance Garde Manger (with Aaron Prater)

HMGT 292: Special Topics (with Aaron Prater)

MATH 171: College Algebra (with Caroline Goodman or Kathi Lefert)

MKT 230: Marketing (with Pam Hulen)

NURS 100: Concepts of Nursing Care (with Colleen Duggan)

NURS 232: Complex Patient Care Management (with Colleen Duggan)

PHIL 143: Ethics (with Dawn Gale)

RDG 127: College Reading Skills (with Lisa Parra or Suzanne Franklin)

SPD 121: Public Speaking (with Patrick Broxterman)

SPD 180: Intercultural Communication (with Lindsey Welsch)