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e3 Sustainable Office Challenge

Participating in the e3 Sustainable Office Challenge demonstrates your office’s commitments to ecology, efficiency, and education. This is a voluntary program to help guide offices and departments in making JCCC a more sustainable institution from the ground-up. The program’s intents are to help your office and JCCC lead by example, decrease waste, save money, and decrease JCCC’s environmental impact though simple, everyday actions.

How the Challenge Works

The e3 Sustainable Office Challenge is organized around a checklist of sustainability initiatives for your office to complete. These initiatives are separated into 6 focus areas:

  • Energy Efficiency
  • Recycling and Waste Reduction
  • Purchasing
  • Events and Meetings
  • Transportation
  • Engagement

Each initiative is assigned a point value. The goal is simple: earn as many points as you can by completing additional items on the e3 Checklist!

The Prize

Every good challenge needs a trophy, right?! This is no exception. As your office accomplishes more initiatives, you earn more points. These points earn you petals to place on your office’s sunflower plaque to show others your progress! Below are photos of the plaques, empty and completed:

e3 Flower plaque with no petals earned  e3 flower with all petals earned - petals are petal-shaped jeweled magnets

How To Participate

Starting the e3 Sustainable Office Challenge is easy! Simply follow these steps to get started. Tell your office leader about the Challenge to get their approval.

  1. Register your office for the Challenge on InfoShare.
  2. Download the e3 Checklist.
  3. Go through the checklist to familiarize yourself with it and to see what your office is already doing. Chances are several of the initiatives will be covered.
  4. Schedule an e3 consultation in which we can help identify areas of improvement and provide solutions. Make sure this is scheduled as an all-office meeting – everyone in the office needs to be aware of it.
  5. Set Goals. Once your baseline score is established, your office should select a few initiatives that it would like to achieve in the next 6 months. Offices will report their progress every 6 months. (Be sure to download the fact sheets and cheat sheets from the InfoShare site to help guide you to completing several of the Checklist items.)
  6. Be recognized! The Office of Sustainability will share each office’s achievements with the entire JCCC community.

We recognize that every office is unique and the program is intended to be flexible. There is also plenty of room for this program to grow, so if you have additional ideas please send them to Michael Rea.

e3 Leader Board

See which offices are leaders in JCCC’s sustainability efforts.