Johnson County Community College

CC v 2.0 Putting Sustainability to Work at the Community College

Johnson County Community College
Overland Park, KS

March 11-13, 2012

The time to integrate sustainability into the community college is now. With half of all undergraduates seeking their education at community colleges and the traditional emphasis on workforce training at our institutions, it is imperative that we prioritize sustainability as a key strategic value. This conference will help faculty, administrators, and staff from across the nation focus on what sustainability means for the community college of the 21st Century. Community colleges are different from other higher education institutions and this conference will celebrate those differences and examine the challenges they bring. A series of intensive collaborative sessions will lead participants to ask questions and share best practices including the thorny issues of student engagement, commuting, and continuing education that are particularly unique to the community college. Mark Mykleby, Ashok Gupta, Debra Rowe, and David Orr will also issue new imperatives for action on the grounds of national security, policy innovation, workforce development, and ecological health. All levels of experience and expertise are welcome.

Visit the speaker bios for links to watch each speaker’s talk.