Johnson County Community College

JCCC Open Petal FarmCampus farm.

JCCC’s Campus Farm is located on roughly 2.5 acres in the northwest corner of the main campus.

The purpose of the farm is twofold: to provide a hands-on educational experience for the Sustainable Agriculture program and to provide locally grown, chemical-free produce to the specifications of JCCC’s Dining Services and Culinary programs.

During its development, the farm has provided educational opportunities for Sustainable Agriculture and Culinary students. Faculty from a wide range of disciplines have integrated some of the farm’s practices into their own curricula. The Native American Studies program has a dedicated plot on the farm grounds.

Currently, we have a variety of seasonally appropriate plantings in place. Throughout the growing season, we will plant over 80 separate varieties of more than 30 different crops.

Agricultural Programs - If you are interested in studying more about agriculture and plant science, contact a JCCC academic counselor to discuss the Sustainable Agricultural certificate. Refer to our agricultural programs