Johnson County Community College


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AASHE Campus Report - June 2014 AASHE Report - In June 2014, JCCC completed the requirements to be rated by the Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education (AASHE). AASHE is an international campus reviewing body that supports campuswide commitments to sustainable decisions. Email the Sustainability office if you have questions regarding these reports.

Sustainability Report2010 Sustainability Report (PDF) - This document is JCCC’s third campuswide, fully participatory sustainability assessment, and contains recommendations for further action as compiled by members of the college’s Sustainability Committee. This report should not be seen as the final word on these issues, but rather should be compared to previous reports as an assessment of progress.

Annual Reports to the Community - JCCC publishes a report to the community on an annual basis. The report includes information regarding our programs, including Sustainability. Here are the following sections regarding our program:


Timeline History - This information shows the history of the Sustainability program on campus. 


We have created a dashboard of dynamic data that reflects the results we are following.